I absolutely loved Sebastian and Louis together

I really loved this book and it gave me all the warm feels that I wanted. Louis and Sebastian are sweet and sexy together and the story has a really nice message without being saccharin. I am so glad I picked up this story and can definitely recommend it.


A charming story with a relevant message for today

I loved this story, how transparent the characters were, and how real the tent city became for me. I recommend this to anyone who could use a smile and perhaps some inspiration of their own.


A realistic look at homelessness

One of the things that really got to me about this book is that it doesn’t glamourize homelessness. Nor does it gloss it over. We get what I think is a realistic look at homelessness, especially when it comes to being a single, gay man.


I thoroughly recommend!

This was a fantastic hurt/comfort story, emotional, sweet, angsty, hot, with awesome main and secondary characters and a very strong plot that I’m sure will remain with me for a long time.


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