Returning Editing Clients

Hi there. Good to see you again.

Labyrinth Bound Edits is now Boho Edits, and as you can see, I’ve made some changes. I’ve embraced the PINK, for starters! 😂 If you’re wondering why the change, you can read about that on my Posy website or over on my Facebook Page.

In 2019, I’m changing things up a bit and I want us to be on the same page.

Editing every other month didn’t work for me as I had hoped, and it was hard for writers to find open spots. So starting now, I’ll devote several days to editing each week, after I’ve written all my own words. I hope this opens up more editing spaces for you.

If you’ve not worked with me in a while, some things have changed. Let’s bulletpoint this for easy reading.

  • I have a new intake form to keep all project details in one spot.
  • I’m trying out Sign Up Genius for booking dates and so you can check out availablity whenever you want. I’ve blocked out names, so if you already use the program for PTA sign ups, you don’t need to create a new account. Just send me an email if you use a different email/name than one I already know. If you hate Sign Up Genius, let me know as well. This is a trial since all other apps/programs I tried didn’t work or cost a ton.
  • I’ve created sections on this website for you. Click Boho Edits in the header or the feather logo in the footer and that takes you to my editing menu. You’ll also notice availablity, intake, editing resources, and an editing portfolio. I try to list every book I’ve edited there so readers can find your work. Sometimes I’m a few months behind in updating that.
  • As for the editing resources, I hope to utilize this site more to share some of the helpful tools I’ve discovered over the years. I’ll talk about some of the technical stuff too.
  • And if you’re willing to write a testimonial so other authors know what it’s like working with me, you can leave your testimonial here. I’d be grateful.

As always, email me with questions. My email has changed now, so add edits@bohopress.com into your contact list and whitelist me.

Thanks. I look forward to working with you again!

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