Spark – North Star Trilogy #1

Spark – North Star Trilogy #1

One look, and it was like falling in love the first time.

Everything changed the moment Hugo met Kevin. They were only teens, and despite many obstacles, they fell in love. But young loves drift apart.

Hugo hasn’t been in love since. Dating is a chore, his drag queen persona and acting gigs are always an issue, so he’s just done with men . . . until he runs into Kevin at the lake.

Years after their last kiss, the spark is still strong, but life is complex. Kevin lives in the shadow of divorce and is navigating single fatherhood. Plus no one knows he’s bisexual.

Rekindling their romance is easy away from the demands of the city, but what about when real life kicks in?

Does their love stand a chance this second time around?

Spark is book one in the North Star Trilogy, a love story that spans twenty years. Friendship, single fatherhood, family life, angst, hurt/comfort, past abuse themes, medical caregiving, as well as life’s celebrations and challenges are found in this novel. Family is central to this saga that will stick with you long after you finish the series.

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 342 Pages  | 7-8 Hours  | 91K Words

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