Boho Press (formerly Labyrinth Bound Press) publishes and edits fiction on the fringe. Off the beaten path, these books explore the lives of queer people falling in love, growing, and discovering the world.

If you’ve worked with me for editing services through Labyrinth Bound Edits in the past, it’s still me, Posy.

Why the name change? It comes down to misinterpretation based on pop culture more than anything.

Few people know what a true labyrinth is. It’s not a maze where you are meant to get lost and then find your way out, at least not in the cornfield maze way, with unpredictable twists and turns and deadends stopping you in your path. A labyrinth is a meditative tool with one way in and one way out. The purpose of walking a labyrinth is meditation, introspection, and discovery of deeper truths. It’s a tool used to actually find yourself rather than get lost. But that’s far too much to explain.

On top of that, labyrinth is hard to spell, so it’s a struggle to find me. The writing has been on the wall for some time.

It may have been easier to stay with Labyrinth Bound Press, but the old name doesn’t fit the business I want to show to the world. Most people think of a maze and not the transformative tool that helps you grow and better know yourself, much┬álike a well-told story can do.

So I’m moving over to something easier to remember, spell, and a name I believe fits me, my purpose, and the eclectic types of books I hope to produce in the coming years. I like that the new name also fits my fashion sense, my worldview, and the fact that I live an unconventional life. I’m not living on my hippie commune yet, but maybe someday!

I’ll be running my editing business from here as well. Keep it simple, because we could all use a simpler life.


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