Feathers From the Sky

Closets aren’t for people.

And Cal is tired of the secrets and lies.

He came out as bisexual years ago, but his parents dismissed it as a phase. They don’t know he dated men. But his boyfriend, Philip, is on his way to celebrate the holidays with them.

This is the perfect moment. The whole family is in one place. And Philip has been very patient. Cal dreams of a kiss to ring in the New Year, but he’s not sure how everyone will react to his coming out.

What will make Cal step out of the closet for good?

Feathers from the Sky is a MM Romance novella about coming out again after everyone assumes being bisexual is just a phase, so they promptly forget. It’s packed with heartwarming holiday fun and games, returning home, opposites attract, and a whole lot more.

84 pages  |  1-2 Hours  |  18K Words

holiday, family Christmas, coming out, contemporary, mm romance, bisexual

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