All I Want

Home for the Holidays Paperback Bundle

Two holiday novellas filled with family time, winter fun, and romantic surprises.

Feathers From the Sky

Ethan has been telling lies. He says he’s happy with the status quo, but deep down he longs for a deeper commitment with Toby. So spending Christmas Eve at his sister’s vow renewal is the last thing on his wish list. Witnessing everything he wants up close and personal makes him ache for more, but he knows Toby is allergic to marriage. Ethan has to decide: admit he wants more and risk losing Toby or find a way to live with what he’s got. But there might yet be hope for a Christmas miracle on this trip home.

Analog to Digital

Cal isn’t enjoying the Christmas holiday, stuck in an overcrowded house with his  family. His only solace is that Philip will soon arrive. He’s worried introducing Philip as his boyfriend rather than his roommate could put a damper on the holiday season, but his dad drops a bigger bomb: the family home will be sold. Derailed from coming out, Cal makes it his mission to squeeze every ounce out of his last holiday in his childhood home. But there’s no way to disguise his love for Philip.

Hugo and Kevin were best friends and secret lovers back in high school, but love came too early for them to make a solid commitment. College, other relationships, kids for Kevin, and years got in the way, but a chance meeting at a lake in the middle of nowhere proves the spark that first drew them together remains. Seventeen years later, life is a lot more complex, but falling in love again is easy.

148 pages  |  2-3 hours  |  35K words

bisexual, coming out, family Christmas, holiday, New Year’s, clueless heroes, established couple, family life, weddings

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